Zatuk is a Video on Demand (VOD) streaming solution available for the Moodle learning management system (LMS).

Zatuk streaming solution is specifically designed to seamlessly provide the video experience for Moodle users across the world. Read more on the features’ page to learn about its usefulness through its features.

Yes, it does.

The ABS helps: I). To download large video files in bits as video plays. So it helps to eliminate buffering. II). To adjust the quality of streaming in accordance with users’ network bandwidths.

Yes, it does. Zatuk streaming server comes with a media repository/library to store off your videos from your Moodle LMS.

Yes, it is. You can plug in Zatuk on your Moodle and use it as an ‘Activity or resource’ on your Moodle.

Zatuk supports Moodle versions starting from 3.5 and above.

Simple. The way you install any Moodle plugin, in the same way, you install Zatuk. If you face any issues during this process, our support team will guide you through the installation process as and when required.

Yes, it does. Zatuk streaming solution is designed for Moodle and its related LMSs.

Yes, it does. Zatuk streaming solution comes with user-friendly APIs.

Currently, Zatuk supports integration with Zoom. More such integrations are on the way. When they are done, we will let you know through our website and our social media channels.

Yes, we do. Refer to the Documentation on Zatuk’s website for information about the installation and more.

Yes, we provide support irrespective of the plan you choose. However, it also depends on what plan of Zatuk you choose.

There are three ways to have this streaming solutionl for your Moodle LMS: 1). On-premises installation, 2). Cloud-based, 3). SaaS model. Check the plans available on the Download page on the website.

The means of support include chat, email, and call. It depends on the priority of the support issue raised by you.

Yes, there is. The trial is valid for only 15 days. After the trial period, the license will automatically get terminated.

No, they cannot download any of your videos. There won’t be any download option available for them.

No, they cannot. When you use Zatuk streaming solution, they cannot copy or share videos.

Yes, we do.

Yes, Zatuk streaming solution comes along with inbuilt video analytics and reports, for which there will be no separate charge. These analytics are advanced and useful to you.

Yes, they can. You can measure their reviews and ratings, if you need them and have a report of ratings and likes.

Yes, you can have. The video analytics reports cover how you can use the streaming server and Moodle together.