Make the most out of these features
The features in our streaming solution seamlessly supports some of the most common tasks you do with a streaming service.
  • upload

  • edit

  • Transcode

  • store

  • preview

  • filter

  • sort

  • search

No more buffering of your videos
Your media will be loaded and played bit by bit on the go with built-in HLS technology. So you feel like having instant loading of videos when you play on your Moodle LMS.
Zatuk Dashboard
Get insights from the streaming reports
Analyse reports from the in-built reporting for actionable insights about the learning experience of your learners and about the optimum use of our streaming solution.
Integrate streaming solution and your LMS perfectly
The integration of the streaming server and your LMS is done from both sides so that the perfect sync of two of them helps automatic update of the content
Integration our streaming solution
Create a client ID for your organization while creating it on the tool and configure the same on your LMS. That way you integrate the tool with your LMS.
Get advanced analytics
Get advanced analytics
Get helpful reporting and dashboards to visualize your LMS data. Our streaming tool provides you in-built reporting capability for a ctionable insights.
Your content security
Your content security
Users can’t download or copy your videos. We employ the safest measures to make sure you media files are absolutely secure and safe.
Integration your Moodle
Integration your Moodle
Create a token from your LMS. Provide it and its URL on the streaming server while creating your organization and sync it with the streaming tool.
Flexible hosting
Flexible hosting
Host our streaming solution as per the flexible hosting choices SaaS and on-premises available to you. you can go with a hosting option that is best suitable to your requirements.
Organise your media for quick access
Arrage the files in two ways either as the Thumbnail or the Folder, and quickly search for them with filter options
  • youtube
    YouTube-like thumbnail layout
  • image
    Custom create thumbnails Or else the tool selects an apt image for the file
  • video thumbnail
    An apt file title and description will be displayed along with a thumbnail
  • folder
    Alternatively, use directory format for media display & a sub-directory can be created under a directory
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