The APIs help for easy and seamless integration with your Moodle platform. You can create an API. From the API page, know which API key is enabled and its other details. Create API Create a new API by selecting the Create APIKey button. Enter the details in the form before clicking on ‘Create’ button. After… Continue reading APIs


Roles are specific to an organization. On the Roles page, view the roles and their capabilities of winin their organization. You can create a role based on your requirement. Go to Roles from the dropdown menu from the Control Panel. Create Role Add new role by clicking on Create Role button. Enter a role and… Continue reading Roles


The list of users and their roles are visible on the Users page. The number of users will be mentioned within the parenthesis. To go to the Users, select the dropdown from the Control Panel. Create User Select the Create User button at the top right corner from the Users page to add users On… Continue reading Users

Upload Videos

Zatuk supports video files exclusively. Let’s learn how to upload video files to your Streaming Application. Video File Select Video from the dropdown menu of the Control Panel to upload video files. Then it will redirect you to the page where all the videos are available, and with a tab to upload new videos. From… Continue reading Upload Videos

Add Category

Select the Add Category button to create one. After selecting the button, a pop-up screen will be displayed. Enter the details before selecting Create. Then a Success message will be displayed on the screen once a category is created successfully. To make changes to a category, click on the Dots menu. There are three functionalities… Continue reading Add Category

Add Organization

Create an organization in order to upload video files to it. Select Add organization from the Organization page. It opens a pop-up screen. Enter all (or at least the required) details and select Create button to create an organization. Upon the organization creation, a success message will be displayed on the screen. An organization can… Continue reading Add Organization

Admin Dashboard

After you log in as the admin to the Zatuk streaming spplication, the landing screen looks like for this role: The admin dashboard displays by default all the videos on the streaming application. To the left, view filters which are useful for quick search. The Control Panel lists the key components of Zatuk as a… Continue reading Admin Dashboard