Install Streaming Application

  1. A ZIP file of the Zatuk streaming application.
  2. Place the application in the server.
  3. Go to root path of the application.
  4. Run the command composer app-install. By running this command, you can be able to download the dependencies or can be able to set up the application.
  5. Navigate to your application in the browser. Now, you can see the installation steps/settings.
  6. Enter environment settings:
    • Application Name
    • Time Zone
    • Language
  7. Enter database settings:
    • Host
    • Port
    • Database name, username and password
  8. After entering these details, check with your Test Connection.
  9. After submitting these database points, you will be able to see the Registration page.
  10. After finishing the registration, you will be able to login.
  11. If you’re logging in as an admin, initially it will ask you to submit the details like the application color, logo, transcoding settings, SMTP settings, etc.
  12. After submitting these details, the installation is done and the admin can manage the application.