Reports | Overall

To go to the reports, select the Gear icon and then select again the Stream Reports from the drop down menu



  • Timeline for Week/Month/Year/Custom reports and analytics
  • Use filters to get analytics
  • Active Videos – the videos available
  • Streamed Minutes – the time played
  • Total views
  • Likes/Dislikes

Student Participation report shows:

  • Number of attempts
  • Completed videos

Video trends gives:

  • Most liked videos by users
  • To rated videos by users


Summary of videos includes:

  • Video name
  • Course name
  • Views obtained
  • Likes earned
  • Rating given
  • Average time spent on video
  • Uploaded date
  • Uploaded by who


Views Report presents some of the key analytics:

  • User who attempts to watch the video
  • The name of the video which the user tries to watch
  • The number of attempts the user tried to watch
  • The status of his attempt – Not yet started, In-progress, or Completed
  • The user completed watching the video on (date)
  • The last viewed date


Drill-down a report for more reporting analytics.