Upload a Video from Moodle LMS

To upload a video from the Moodle LMS, click on the Blocks arrow from the dashboard.


The block shows information videos as explained in the below section:

  • Uploaded videos: This item lists the number of videos upload from the LMS side
  • Synced videos: It shows the number of videos synced with the Streaming Application
  • Total videos: The numbers gives the total videos on the Moodle LMS

Select the View more link from that block for more details. It leads to this page where all videos are visible by default.


Select the filter icon to view other video filters. There are

  • All videos. This filter displays all the videos which is default.
  • In-progress videos. Once videos are uploaded, they take a little while to make them visible. And they come under unpublished ones.
  • Published videos. This filter shows the videos published on your LMS.

There are other filters as shown in the screenshot:


Upload a Video

To upload a video from the LMS, select the Upload Video tab.


The Upload video form opens for you. Fill up the details


Note: View the video file types that are supported.

Enter a title for the video to be uploaded and click on the Choose a file link. Then the File picker form pops out.

Select the Upload a file which again leads to the Choose file form. After that, upload a video file. If it requires, store the video as something else by typing at the Save as field. Finally, select the Upload this file tab.


Now, you selected a video file. If needed, enter your information even in the advance fields.


The advanced fields consists of:

  1. Categories: Choose as many categories as required.
  2. Tags: Select the useful tags for that video.
  3. Description: Describe your video aptly so that users can understand easily.
  4. Thumbnail: Choose a thumbnail for your video. Otherwise, the application chooses a random image from the video itself.



Finally, select the Save & Continue button. Thus, you can upload videos and the videos will be available on the In-progress videos list.


The In-progress videos will have the option to remove them by selecting the Delete video from the Dots menu at the bottom right of a video.

Video Preview

Click on a video to preview it.


Switch to different modes such as fullscreen and picture-in-picture to check with these mode of viewing experience.