Upload Videos

Zatuk supports video files exclusively. Let’s learn how to upload video files to your Streaming Application.

Video File

Select Video from the dropdown menu of the Control Panel to upload video files. Then it will redirect you to the page where all the videos are available, and with a tab to upload new videos.


From that page, select Upload Video to add a new video file.


The Upload Video form will open for you as it it shown in the screenshot below:


On the Upload Video form, enter details such as:

  • Organization
  • Title
  • Tags
  • Description
  • Select Choose File to upload video
  • select Choose file to upload the Thumbnail. If you do not choose, it will automatically take an image from the video you upload

Finally, select the Create button. Then that video is successfully created for that department/category in that organization.

A video file takes a few moments before you can see it to confirm loading. During that few moments, the tool transcodes the video files into the Adaptive Bitrate format

Video Capabilities

View the following video capabilities from the Dots menu of a video, as it is shown in the screenshot below.


  • Copy Stream. Use it to copy the video.
  • Embed. Insert video somewhere using this capability.
  • Insights. Get video insights by clicking on it.
  • View. Or preview the video to see how it is coming. More on it in below paragraphs.
  • Archive.
Video Preview

After a video is uploaded, preview it by clicking on it. Play the video in different modes – full view and picture-in-picture modes, to check its streaming capabilities.


Notable things from video preview:

  1. Resolution adjustment
  2. Picture-in-picture mode
  3. Full screen view

Video View Formats

There are two types of video view formats:

  1. List
  2. Folder



Select the Grid icon at top right to change a video view format. Then the arrangement of videos changes to the list view.


Folder View

Have your videos in a folder format according to their organizations.


The view format will change to the folder type according to their organization when the List icon is selected.


If an organization has categories, even its categories are shown within the folder format along with the videos of that organization.

Video Search

There are different ways to look for videos; namely,

  1. Filters
  2. Sort by title/created date or Search

Filter out your video search by:

  • Organization
  • Tags
  • Duration
  • Others – Archive/Unpublished


Sort by title/created date or Search

Look for a video by its title/created date.


Or with a search bar, look for the video required.